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Drywall/Sheetrock/wallboard a material that’s most commonly used to build interior ceiling and walls in new residential and commercial buildings. Drywall or wallboard is most often made from gypsum, (a natural mineral) which has plaster and Lime added for strength. Drywall repairs should be done as soon as you notice any cracks or holes to avoid mold growth. The longer these are allowed to exist, the more difficult they will be to fix later on and may even require a greater expense than if they were repaired early. Drywall is designed to be strong, durable, and easy to work with on large scales. However, Drywall can be damaged easy which means that it may start cracking over time due to faulty Install, accidents, exposure to water and high-temperature levels.

Services such as drywall taping, mudding and texturing, Lath and plaster install/repairs, veneer plaster coating and sealing, Venetian plaster, faux finishes, wall skim/resurfaced, ceiling repair/skim, patch work and repairs, drywall repairs for light commercial building, specialty services and design- exterior stucco, texture matching to any surface, the list goes on!


  • Sheetrock was birthed and nicknamed “drywall” in the 1950s.
    Allowing paint crews to skip the “wet-walls” (plaster walls) and paint the “drywall”
    Big shout out the the painters for also giving us the drywall pan and knife set up!
    (I still love my hawk/trowel and wet-walls!)

  • in the past, people would disinfect their cellars with lime wash.

  • Lime wash is also a paint

  • Until the 1930s, lime had no real competition in the building industry as Portland cement was not invented until the early 1820s and did not become popular until the end of that century!